Helicopter Ми-2

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In 1947. Mikhail Mil continued design of the Mi-1, originally known as the GM-1 - the first helicopter traditional scheme with a single rotor. He flew in September 1948. And in 1951. was put into operation. The helicopter was being built for civilian and for military applications and has the NATO code name "Hare" ("Hare" - a rabbit). 1956-57gg. Poland started the production of these helicopters under the designation SM-1. The total estimated mass production from 2500 to 3000 vehicles. In 1961, Mil announced about starting a creation of the Mi-2, which is the Mi-1, in which the piston engine has been replaced by two turbo engines Izotov GTD-350. Dimensions
  • Length helicopter with rotating propellers 17.42m
  • Height with a rotating tail rotor 4.53
  • The length of the cargo compartment 2.6m
  • The height of the cargo compartment 1.4m
  • The width of the cargo compartment 1.4m
Number of seats
  • 2 crew members  
  • 7 passengers
  • Gas Turbine Engine GTD-350 (2 x 400 hp)
Weights and loads
  • maximum takeoff 3700 kg
  • Empty 2400 kg
  • Maximum payload 800 kg
  • The maximum fuel capacity 1070 l.
Flight data
  • Top speed 210 km / h
  • Range 500 km
  • Operating ceiling of 4000 m