Airplane АН-2

Count - 2

An-2 is a odnostoechny braced polutoraplan with an almost completely metal design. The exceptions are the wings and tail, with fabric covering. In the semi-monocoque fuselage construction placed heated and ventilated cabin for two crew members and 12 passengers. Stabilizer empennage traditional scheme has been strengthened strut. Sustainable broad-gear with tail wheel and a great way for depreciation in combination with low-pressure tires, floats or skis provided the possibility of using an aircraft with any unprepared surface. Excellent flight characteristics provide a powerful mechanized wings: the upper wing is automatically controlled electric gap on the leading edge and slotted flaps and hangs on an angle of 20 ° ailerons on the trailing edge, the bottom wing has just slotted flaps on the full span trailing edge. The power plant prototype consisted of a star-shaped engine Shvetsov ASh-21 power of 567 kW (760 hp..), Later the plane was equipped with an engine-62IR capacity of 746 kW (1000 hp). Dimensions Cockpit
  • Height-1.8m
  • Length-4.1m
  • Width-1.6m
  • Volume-11.8m3
  • Plane
  • Length-12.4 m
  • Height-5.3 m
  • The scope of the upper wing-18.17m  
  • The scale of the lower wing-14.52m
  • Total wing area-71.52m2
Number of seats
  • 2 crew members
  • 12 passengers (the jump seat)
Reciprocating Engines
  • 62IR 1000 hp
  • The diameter of a four-propeller 3,6 m
Weights and loads
  • Takeoff 5,5 m
  • Landing 5,25 m
  • Empty Curb 3,4 m
  • Maximum payload 1,5 t
  • Fuel capacity 1240 l
Flight data
  • Maximum operating speed 230 km / h
  • Range 1500 km
  • Operating ceiling of 4000 m
  • The required runway length of 600 m
  • The aircraft is able to fly from a dirt runway and land at selected sites from the air